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Re: CT Ground lift S/B problem (long)

6/29/2004 5:50 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: CT Ground lift S/B problem (long)
That whole cathode striping this really over stated.  
IMHO, it's mostly Net driven mumbo jumbo, especially if the power stages are biased up correctly.  
It was primarily promoted during a time when many power tubes had directly heated the way a 5Y3 rectifier is made, or woth other power tubes built this way, like monster transmitting tubes where no seperate heating element is used to fire up the cathode.  
The cathode is boiling white hot on those and it is a good idea to be able to kill the B+.  
another old time ham guy like Wild Bill who probably remembers these old tube things.

jon Hi Bill, Bruce..thanx for your thou... -- 6/29/2004 9:35 PM