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Re: It's alive but not in a good way

5/1/2004 5:03 PM
Dean Owens
Re: It's alive but not in a good way
if i had this here's what i would do in order.  
1 - put a three pronged cord on it (i wouldn't do anything else until that happened)  
2 - check the pt to make sure it's working. there's a few ways you can do this. an easy way is to unhook every lead (except the primary) and turn it on. if the fuse doesnt' blow then you know the pt is good. but you have to be careful. you will have a lot of voltage going through those wires. and make sure they aren't touching anything.  
3 - hook the pt up and turn it on. if a fuse blows you know you have a short to ground somewhere in the amp. if it stays on then the amp so far is good.  
4 - then you should replace all the electrolytic caps in the amp.  
5 - after that, go through and check all the resistors to make sure they havn't drifted in value.  
6 - once all that has taken place, fire it up and see how it sounds. you might like it. you might want to mod it. but you shouldn't do any modding until you know the amp is healthy. you might find that you have a leaky coupling cap somewhere that needs to be changed. but i would worry about that until i first got the amp safe.  
so what's the first thing you should do?

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