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Re: What makes a Dumble sound so good?

9/5/2004 11:43 AM
Tommy Dale
Re: What makes a Dumble sound so good?
Very interesting!  
Is the overdrive section on the "Hybrid-A" schematics made this way? I'm too inexperienced to be able to see exactely what a circuit does to the signal.  
Is the Hybrid-A schematics what you guys would recommende as a clone project? I have seen a couple of other plans, for the ODS 60`s style and the 70`s style. They are a bit different, both in layout and in power tubes.  
If you have any other schematics that you recommende, I won't refuse to accept them :)  
Also, are the different ODS`s that are made by Dumble construced very differently?  

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