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Re: Midrange with James Tonestack

6/23/2004 1:57 PM
Re: Midrange with James Tonestack
hi bob p & others  
I'm still wondering the cap?  
I got from ax84 sit the root6V6 schem. Is that stack the same as Dr Z's. if not,here's my address  
looking that schem, the stack is interesting. Its not clear James. First I thought it won't work, nut then I realized that turning the treble pot actually shifts the bass cut off frequency. And very important, the "mid" resistor is as large as 100k. That'll keep the trebles from leaking out with the basses.  
About my version of the mid control, (Thank you Mark) it works nicely, but is very sensitive to the load after the stack. I added that cap from the top end of mid pot to the output. So when you turn it full it helps the hi-mids bypass the isolation resistor. The mid pot could actually be larger and logarithmic. Then it would probably stand lower loads better.  

Ben N Where'd ya get that root6v6 schemo?... -- 6/23/2004 10:26 PM