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Boogie Clone

5/16/2004 1:30 AM
Boogie Clone
This wouldnt be a combo, but a head (from scratch).  
- Seems like a lot of dollars,  
The aluminium I am using for the case will be free or at the least very cheap, because of a friend I have.  
The caps, pots, resistors etc will all be at a very cheap cost price, because this guy buys alot of bulk stuff.  
It will be made on 'motherboard' (thats what he said anyway) and he gave me a rough estimate of $500 (AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD)) and I could probably fit 5-7 of them on there if other people wanted them, and it would be the same price for one as it would be for 5-7 (but only one would have all the parts installed on it).  
I have some $ $ $ already, and just for you bruce, I am turning 16 in a few weeks so, if all goes well with my party there should be a very agreeable amount of money coming in.  
I have also continually stressed that I have no experience with amp design or schematics.  
So Is there any other help out there?

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