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Morley JD-10.....what is up with these pedals?

3/13/2004 3:22 AM
Brian Stear
Morley JD-10.....what is up with these pedals?
Believe it or not, I have 3! I love what they do, but they ALL have the same problem....  
They work fine. I use them with the rock pushbutton engaged. But when I try to turn the unit off with the footswitch, I get a certain amount of distortion "bleeding" back through the clean ( off ) signal. It doesn't go away until I disengage ( turn off ) the rock pushbutton. Then it's clean. Until I try to do the same thing again.  
Once it's cleaned up, if the unit is not on, but the rock switch is engaged, it stays clean until it's turned on, and then turned off.  
I will say this.....for a problem, it's really consistent!  
Any ideas?  
Thanks for any and all help......Brian

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