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Rocket fuzz and GT fuzz. Anybody build these?

1/2/2004 12:17 PM
HumbuckerRocket fuzz and GT fuzz. Anybody build these?
Has anybody here built The Rocket (FuzzFace variant based on Gus Smalley's 3 transistor fuzz) or the GT Fuzz (Dinosaur Fuzz with more tone control)? I've already got the proper transistors for the Rocket and the dual pots for the GT Fuzz so I think that they may be my next projects.  
I know the GT Fuzz is in the FuzzFace camp but I'm not so sure about The Rocket, is that one like a Big Muff or something?  
Has anybody here built one of these pedals or at least heard one, what do you think?

j gagan Good to see you figured out the ezf... -- 1/4/2004 4:17 PM