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MXR Flangers, Orig. vs. Reissue

3/27/2003 11:34 AM
Rich Stevens
MXR Flangers, Orig. vs. Reissue
Does anybody have a feel for the tonal difference between the original MXR flanger and the Dunlop re-issue? The cosmetic differences are obvious: MXR was AC powered, no LED. Dunlop apparently can take a pair of 9V batteries (or an 18-volt wall wart) has a status LED, and is commonly described as "gray", although they ALL look gray to me.  
Prices for the originals seem to be running about twice as much on eBay as the reissues. Some of this I assume can be attributed to intrinsic factors such as "vintage", "mojo", and "Eddie Van Halen used one"; mostly hooey as far as I'm concerned. But is there a significant difference in the sound? After all, it's sound I'm looking for and there's no sense paying $60 extra for chipped paint and EVH kharma.

Mark Hammer I had one of the old ones back in '... -- 3/27/2003 4:21 PM