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Is this ok?

10/23/2004 1:27 PM
Eric H
Is this ok?
Just got done my resoldering effort -- and working through stupid mistakes -- ceramic 8 pin tube sockets have the wrong numbers embossed on the inside of the socket -- at least for this application. Serves me right for trying to be smart and avoiding common sense -- which would have been to look at the other ones which were already wired correctly.  
In any event all is well and I have sound but I am only getting 340v out of the power transformer as measured at the standby switch and likewise off pin 3 of the 6v6s I am getting similar readings(330v). Just trying to make sure this is within the margin of acceptability.  
Also, I get hum at the following settings:  
Normal Bright Tone  
0 10 0  
10 0 0  
4 0 8  
0 4 8  
3 3 0  
2 2 8  
If I plug an AC transformer into the power strip I hear a pop through the speaker so I assume the hum is coming from the electrical supply but I need to kind of come up with a systematic way to eliminate it.  
Thanks in advance for any help.  

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