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Re: 5e3 deluxe as a 15" tweed pro?....

8/27/2004 1:13 PM
Re: 5e3 deluxe as a 15" tweed pro?....
Sorry for ressurecting an old topic...  
I will be putting my chassis in a 15" combo cab soon and would like some speaker advise. I am leaning toward the Weber 15A125 AlNiCo. Anyone have any good experience with this or other 15" speakers? I probably lean toward cleaner blues tone using RI strats for this amp (I give up on humbuckers, my 18 watt lite does that better).  
Update on my amp. After using 6L6s in the amp I decided that they were the cause of the overly bassy response (rattling the walls type bass). I put JJ 6V6s back in with a 300 ohm cathode resistor and components back to 5E3 spec and I am happy. I might try a lower voltage transformer that has a 5V out for using 5Y3 rect. I have a hommond 270DX (270-0-270 90 mA)that was for an EL-84 project or I might try the weber dual voltage that Ted m is using.  

Todd Hepler maybe a P15R ? -- 8/27/2004 4:54 PM