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Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?

7/22/2004 7:10 PM
Chris - CMW amps
Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?
( there was a "bug" today while replying, seems to be fixed right now! )  
Hi Bruce  
I've only used 12AY7s from Ruby and TAD 'cause NOS ones are very hard to find over here and I didn't try the EH ones. I guess (!) the Ruby/TAD ones are selected/tested EH ones 'cause it does seem the only new production one. I couldn't see & hear any differences between the Ruby and the TAD ones.  
Most of the time I really like "overrated" iron and the PT from the donor-amp is pretty good. Also hope to try a MM DR OT ( lower Z and bigger ) and later on the Marshall 18 Watt one.  
Have a good time!!!  

anonymous Chris; """I'm planning to use a Shi... -- 7/22/2004 9:54 PM