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Re: Slightly OT... custom "deluxe"-build problem!!

7/15/2004 1:58 PM
Chris - CMW amps
Re: Slightly OT... custom "deluxe"-build problem!!
between all soldering , orders and emails over here :)  
try some smaller gridstoppers at the 5881s , like 1k5 - 5k6  
remove the 470 ohms g2-stoppers in the penthode-mode , !!! check all readings !!!  
remove the 35k resistor in the powersupply and up the 22k one to get the desired voltages  
use a 5V4 , 5AR4/GZ34 or even (FRED)diodes as rectifier , !!! check all readings !!!  
check if the primary and secundary OT leads are seperated  
just some ideas,