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Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?

7/13/2004 4:16 PM
Chris - CMW amps
Re: 2xEL84 Deluxe?
Know knor ( pig-sound in Dutch ) :)  
This amp is like the FAT15 regarding chassis and ( 5 noval ) sockets ( ).  
The B+ was about 320 Volts in that amp.  
I'd love to try your design, email me at for the specs. I'm planning to use a Shinrock Marshall 18 Watt OT ( 8k into 4,8+16 ohms ) but I can also use a MM '59 5E3 OT. Plenty Ruby/TAD 12AY7s and EL84s over here.  
Let me know,  

Bruce /Mission Amps That should be fine. I'm using an 8... -- 7/22/2004 12:41 AM