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Re: less bass mod...

7/8/2004 6:26 PM
Re: less bass mod...
It is a mod, not original. The amp I built was from spare parts from a HiFi mono amp and is the 5E3 circuit (abbreviated with two inputs) using a beefier power tranny and 6L6 output tubes. Thus YMMV. My strat always has sounded great with this amp but my les pauls (hum and p-90) were too muddy and gainy. The mod has helped that problem. I think I was really complaining about the muddiness and not the gain of the amp. Good thing is that my strat still sounds great too.  
For ease of access, I put the cap/resistor one the tube socket. Look for the wire that goes from the common point for the volume knobs, drops under the circuit board, the comes up the the first 12AX7 stage. I put it there. I will likely move it to a less obvious position later, or maybe not. At least i know it is there for future ref. From my understanding, you should be able to vary the resistor to tweek the relative amount of high pass.