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Re: less bass mod...

7/7/2004 12:38 PM
Re: less bass mod...
The second case, one in series and the other grounded. It was a late night mod that I know now is a poor solution.  
I ended up removing the mod as it was making my volume knob ineffective for my strat. I put that there not thinking of how it would effect the volume control. it cuts out the effectiveness of the last half of pot travel, obvious after thinking about it. I also tried the 500K volume pot wiper to ground mod mentioned in another thread but I did not notice a change in gain. I am going to leave it stock and use my guitar volume knobs for humbucker/P-90 guitars. After playing a few of my guitars, I relinquish that this amp (preamp) works best for Fender type guitars. I think I need a tele.  
After looking up schematics of other tweed amps, it looks like the Tweed Pro 5E5 was essentially the same circuit as the 5E3 using 6L6 tubes. The voltages that I get from my circuit are pretty close to those on the schematic.  
I am learning the hard way, but that is the bast way for me.  

Bruce /Mission Amps OK! I guess I don't need to tell yo... -- 7/7/2004 5:21 PM