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Re: 6L6 Deluxe suggestions

7/4/2004 5:22 AM
Re: 6L6 Deluxe suggestions
I have finally gotten around to addressing the volume knob sensitivity issue I had (been out of town). I put a voltage divider 33k/33k before the second gain stage grid. My Les Paul is now clean at lower volume and the knob is not so hard to dial in the right volume. This is at the expense of not getting extreme overdriven tones with my strat. I can live with it that way an am very happy with the sound.  
I also put in a 300 ohm cathode resistor (from 250)and that has dropped my total current to 96 mA, somewhere between class AB and A for a 6L6 pair at 330 V.  
Ready to put it in a cab as soon as it arrives.