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Joes' Strat

7/2/2004 8:27 PM
Chris - CMW amps
Joes' Strat
Hi Joe  
Cool amp/cab and ..... Strat ! What year is it ?  
Anyway , could you help me out :  
I would love to have a Strat with a lefty headstock , kinda Hendrix and I'm looking for a 1:1 drawing from a '66 - '68 Strat headstock . "My" guitarbuilder does have mid 70s headstock drawings but no earlier ones , can't blame him and he's such a great guy & builder ( )  
I really don't know if you can/want to help but this is such a great forum and I'm willing to do something in return if needed .  
tia & have a nice weekend ,  

Joe Chris, the strat is a late 80's Jap... -- 7/5/2004 1:46 PM