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Re: 6L6 Deluxe suggestions

6/11/2004 7:02 PM
Re: 6L6 Deluxe suggestions
The amp was a stereo unit, so there were two OT. So I am running two 6L6 with a PT made to run two 6V6. My guess was the unit was about 15 wpc, so I am doubling the output. It sounds fine, but I am curious if I can do damage to the anything running it this way. I plan to buy a 35 watt PT (Fender super size)for replacement. Is running two 6L6 tubes at 101 mA OK?  
I was also curious if putting a resistor (500K ?)in series before the input grid of the PI was a good way to provide a bit less sensitivity to the volume controls. I get super crunch way before reaching halfway around and it is way loud. I would be interested in other ways as well. Since I am using the stock preamp, I assume this is simply due to doubling the power of the amp?  
I also wanted to thank the board for supplying me with the knowledge to pull this off. This is really fun stuff.  

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