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Re: pole heights

9/23/2003 9:42 AM
Dave Stephens
Re: pole heights
I think the neck radius idea is a good one, but then everyone likes a different radius. I think the "staggered" pole pieces idea is ridiculous in my opinion. What the stagger boils down to is "tradition." Leo made them that way so they're supposed to be cool. I HATE staggered pole piece pickups. I like my strat pickups for instance, as close to the strings as possible without stratitis creeping in, and when you do that you get a horribly loud g string and weak first and second string output. Just plain stupid. My personal preference is FLAT, the way they made them in the 70's, magnets sligthly above the pickup top so you can get the pickup high without the string hitting the edge of the cover. My two cents....

neil Thanks Dave sounds like sense to me... -- 9/26/2003 7:39 PM