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Re: modding standard strat pickups

9/23/2003 9:35 AM
Dave Stephens
Re: modding standard strat pickups
There is one thing you can do but I'm not really sure how much change it will give you. In fact you can buy a steel base plate for strat pickups at but you could just as easily make your own. I bought one before I got into this madness for my '57 reissue which had horribly weak pickups that were way bright. I didn't really notice any difference on the bridge pickup that I can remember. I would cut one out of 16 gauge sheet metal from the hardware store as this is way beefier than Callaham's and will grab more from the magnet. Make sure you glue this to the bottom with some kind of silicon or flexible glue or you will get a howling microphonic pickup. Also solder a ground wire to it. Let me know how it works for you as I am about to develop a line of blues strat pickups and I too hate the screeching strat bridge pickup and want to make one that isn't.

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