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Re: Max wire on different bobbinS???

9/15/2003 11:16 PM
Dave Stephens
Re: Max wire on different bobbinS???
Fred: its single build poly/nylon #42. I wound one coil to about 10K and one to 9K. I'll be wiring them into my Dillion gold top tonite, dying to hear how they sound also. The stock pu's are wound to 8K but have ferrite magnets, they sound really good but I wanted more oomph and less bright. Will let you know how they sound, maybe put up an MP3 if anyone wants to hear them....  
Am curious if you think Formvar has any merits over poly/nylon coating. Also if you've used heavy build on any coils and what effect it had on tone.....Dave

Dave Stephens Fred: well to report on my winding ... -- 9/23/2003 9:53 AM