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Re: Pickup tape

9/10/2003 3:42 PM
Sheldon Dingwall
Re: Pickup tape
The tape is fitted to a flanged acrylic disc set that holds it firmly. This is spun in a drill press.  
A utility knife blade (the short style with the two notches on the back) is held on a hinged arm and fed into the roll until it starts to bind - 1/4" deep or so. The height is re-set and then another strip or more is cut. He then uses the roll until he reaches the end of the cut strips. Then it's back to the drill press. The key is he doesn't try to cut all the way through the roll.  
My idea is to try a rotary blade (similar to a pipe cutter only thinner and sharper) and possibly some water to keep the heat down and the goo off. I hope to be able to cut completely through the roll.  
If you examine a fresh roll of masking tape, it appears like a rotary blade has been used. We'll see.

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