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Re: Can someone please explain!

8/30/2003 12:10 AM
Sheldon Dingwall
Re: Can someone please explain!
The crock pot is just a vessel to heat the wax to the point of melting. Crock pots are nice and sturdy so can handle a good deal of vacuum.  
The pickups are completely immersed in the melted wax. Either dropped right in or lowered in a basket.  
The modified lid with the vacuum connection is placed on top of the crock pot. It's just a lid, it doesn't touch the pickups at all.  
When you apply vacuum to the crock pot, the air pockets inside the coils expand. If the air bubbles expand out past the outside edge of the coil, they will escape into the wax and float to the top. When you release the vacuum, atmospheric pressure forces what ever is surrounding the coil (hopefully its wax) into the coil. Any air pockets that didn't expand enough to escape will still remain in the coil. Although they may now be closer to the edge of the coil. It would make sense then that two or more vacuum pulls would do a more complete job than one.

John Fisher Sheldon! Thanks for your very c... -- 8/30/2003 2:53 PM