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Re: Wax Potting a humbucker

8/29/2003 5:12 PM
Sheldon Dingwall
Re: Wax Potting a humbucker
One question and one experience.  
Question: Has anyone observed a tone difference between the soft wax that SK uses, harder waxes like parafin or parafin/bees, and really hard lacquered coils?  
I would think that the softer materials would allow a small resonance (maybe a good thing)at higher volumes.  
Experience: This may have already been covered previously. Years ago I used to vacuum pot re-winds in a crock pot. Then I decided to take it up a notch and use a double boiler - forgetting that the boiling point of water lowers with atmopheric pressure. As soon as I hit the vacuum, the water boiled instantly and violently, creating quite the mess. Good clean fun.

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