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Re: Pot values - how do they effect pickup tone?

7/26/2003 1:03 PM
SKRe: Pot values - how do they effect pickup tone?
there are alot of variables, and I'm not familiar with the Del Ray, but of the variables I think that pot value is the least significant in affecting sharp crisp low E notes. If the Del RAy is an older Guitar that I'm thinking of, it's more of an SG type than a strat type (and looks like neither) with bolt on neck. It has the shorter scale length. That guitar will not sound like an alder maple strat.  
Some variables that would significantly affect:  
pickup HEIGHT/adjustment (probably raise)  
Guitar Scale length (nothing to do)  
Woods and construction (kinda stuck, but make sure it's got a nice clean and tight neck pocket/connection)  
String construction (personal preference, but different inner/outer materials and guages affect things)  
String Gauge (personal preference, but heavier seem to "pop" just a bit more)

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