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Pot values - how do they effect pickup tone?

7/26/2003 3:44 AM
Chris B
Pot values - how do they effect pickup tone?
I just bought a SD Invader and installed it in my Epiphone Del Rey. It sounds different from the one in the Tom Delonge Strat I tried (and that eventualy convinced me to buy the Invader). The pickup is just slightly muddy (no sharp, crisp, bass notes on the low E string) whereas the one in the store sounds great. I tried it through a couple of Marshalls, very similar to my JCM 800 clone.  
My Del Rey is mahogany with a mahogany neck, the Tom Delonge Strat is poplar or alder with a maple neck. Both have a rosewood fretboard. They're both 25.5" scale length, fixed bridge guitars with bolt necks. Could there be that much difference in just the wood?  
The volume pot in my Del Rey is 500k. I like using a 500k in my strat whereas most folks like to use 250k, so I was thinking that maybe a 1M pot in the Del Rey would help??  
Lots of questions.  
Chris B

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