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Re: Potting Humbuckers

7/22/2003 9:53 PM
Re: Potting Humbuckers
Lotta fun, lotta work.  
Lessons learned:  
1) Tap in the slugs BEFORE winding the coil. Ditto the polepieces. I just KNEW I would ruin it before I soldered the leads.  
2) I need to figure out a better way to get it all wired together. Maybe I'll just go 4-conductor from now on.  
3) The little brass screws I had to mount the plate to the coils were too big to go through the keeper. I think maybe God is holding everything together. Also, the screws are a tight fit on the slug side, as well.  
4) I need to get some of those brass screws. Is there a proper name for them? What is the correct size?  

Jeff G. I got all my parts from SK. I've b... -- 7/22/2003 11:03 PM