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Rule or Rules of Thumb?

7/22/2003 9:15 PM
Jeff G.
Rule or Rules of Thumb?
Well, I wound up another Humbucker last weekend. I thought I'd kind of figured out a rule of thumb for resistance per turn. I got relatively close to my desired DC resistance by winding strictly to a number of turns, but was off overall (low) by 200ohms. That's a bit more than I would have thought.  
Anyway, I'm using 42 gauge single-build plain enamel wire. I'd estimated about 0.8 ohms per turn, realizing that it's lower to begin with and will increase as the diameter of the turns increases. Using this number, I simply wound each bobbin to a certain number of turns and put the pickup together (pretty cocky, eh?). When I measured the overall resistance, I noticed it was low, which makes me wish I'd measured each coil.  
Anyway, is there a rule of thumb that would have gotten me closer to my desired value?  
Is this simply the effect of scatter winding ... oddball winding shapes, hence widely varying diameters?  
The good thing is, the pickup sounds fantastic! I better get in there and measure the individual coils!

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