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Re: Vacuum

6/24/2003 5:34 PM
Dr. StrangeloveRe: Vacuum
Jeff G. wrote:
"What is considered an adequate vacuum level for potting pickups..."
Anything that qualifies as a vacuum will do. 30" Hg is around what we like to breath so half of that will suck enough air out of a pickup under molten wax.  
The confusion comes in where pump makers spec the vacuum as "inches below ambient pressure" instead of as an absolute pressure.  
In any case, 15" Hg below ambient will get you started but 28" Hg will make things happen faster. Somewhere in between those values are vacuum generators that run off of compressed air -- inexpensive if you already have a compressor.  
Otherwise, try and grab a small vacuum pump off of eBay.  

Jeff G. Thanks for the info Doc!! I was be... -- 6/24/2003 9:57 PM