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My Pickup Winder

6/16/2003 10:11 PM
Jeff G.
My Pickup Winder
Hi Folks,  
I just finished my winder and made my first A2 Humbucker. Man, it sounds sweet ... as good or better than anything I've forked large dollars for. I wound it 3.73k by 4.9k but it's close to 9k assembled (heh ... didn't think about the effects of the magnet/pole pieces). That's a bit higher than I was after, but I'm just happy that the first one worked at all!!  
My thanks to Jason Lollar for his book and links to suppliers, and Steven Kersting for supplies and patience with me.  
I thought I'd post a link to a picture for those who might be interested. Not sure if links work here, so you can simply cut and paste in a new window to view.