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cheap way to tell if tension is right

11/24/2002 10:41 PM
mike landrycheap way to tell if tension is right
i have an older nieghbor (72) thats into building model engines a book he has showed a machine for winding magnetos and the way the book showed for checking your tension was running the wire thru a couple eye hooks and putting a fishing weight on the wire ,,,, i tried something close and it works great ...  
i used a couple nylon pullies and put a nylon bushing in the weight i used a 1.5 oz weight and ground enough off to give me 33 grams so now now more guessing if i'm to tight on the wire or not  
the key being if the wire is straight across holding the weight up its to tight it should have the weight lifted but the line has a dip in it

John Fisher I like that idea. Thanks for gi... -- 11/25/2002 12:14 AM