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Different volumes?

9/15/2002 1:13 PM
Different volumes?
Hi all,  
I was wondering if you can help me. On my guitar, I have two PAF type pickups. I just put a cover on one (Thanks again,Tony!), but the volume of the pickup seems lower (but the tone seems to have improved !?!) The bridge pickup on my guitar (not the one I just covered) has had the capacitor removed from the tone pot. However, it is now, in comparison, too loud for the other pickup to mix with. The two pickups do blend well (volume wise) when the neck pickup is cranked, and the bridge pickup is on 6. I have already changed the tone pot to 250k, and 500k on the neck.  
Any suggestions on how to get the two to mix/level well?  
Thanks alot,  

Mark Hammer This is probably more a question fo... -- 9/15/2002 1:39 PM