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Re: What if we succeed?

9/13/2002 1:53 AM
Re: What if we succeed?
Have you guys ever thought about getting bobbins produced off-shore? I know that many plastic injection companies are located in China...the price of labour would be far less than paying award rates in America, England or even Austrailia.  
Obviously, I have never had bobbins (or indeed any other plastic items) build in china and then imported to Australia, but theroetically, it should be cheaper. I mean, Samick, etc, MUST get their bobbins somewhere.  
Actually, the best place to get bobbins wold be Iraq. (for us in Aust) At the common law, a contract is frustrated by war, and the 'losses lie where they fall'(Lord Denning). Thus ,if you have the bobbins and have not paid for them, and war breaks out, you can keep them without having to pay.  
Just a thought  

WolfeMacleod Re: What if we succeed? -- WHOA! -- 9/13/2002 2:23 AM