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Insulating pickups

8/29/2002 1:41 AM
Insulating pickups
Hi guys, I was wondering what you thought about insulating pickups (with aluminium foils over the coils after winding) Good idea, or bad idea  
Thanks again  

WolfeMacleod Could be both good and bad. While r... -- 8/29/2002 9:07 AM
Andy Dick,I know of one fairly f... -- 8/29/2002 1:02 PM
Mark Hammer First, let's clarify, you mean shie... -- 8/29/2002 2:13 PM
SK Before I started winding, I had som... -- 8/31/2002 3:32 AM
David Warren The best feature of EMG pickups is ... -- 9/4/2002 2:42 PM