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Re: passive guitar overdrive

7/17/2003 6:08 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: passive guitar overdrive
Our best collective guess is that it is a pair of Schottky diodes which have a much lower clipping threshold than conventional silicon diodes. Germanium diodes will often have clipping thresholds just under 200mv. If these are lower and you have high enough output pickups, then the normal booster stage prior to clipping diodes (as commonly found in diode-based distortion boxes) is not needed, since a power chord on a BH-equipped solid-body can easily exceed 100mv.  
Chances are pretty damn good that you won't be able to get a very decent sustained fuzz ( la Big Muff) out of these, though, since that 100mv peak is just that, and will disappear shortly after you pick the strings (that's why the booster stage is essential to producing distortion that lasts past the initial pick attack; it keeps the signal level above clipping threshold for a larger portion of its decay duration). But if what you want is a bit of dirt, I suspect they'll do the job.

Robin Thanks Mark, Makes sense... -- 7/19/2003 1:40 AM