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Re: '68 Park Marshall

2/25/2004 10:57 AM
Re: '68 Park Marshall
honestly, i'm just going off what the guy who bought it in said. he said he'd had it identified as a 1968 Park, but if they were ptp or tags back then yeah this isn't one.  
what does the "rock head" have in it? are they worth anything as-is? if it's not worth anything, the guy wants me to build a plexi in it :)  
currently it goes like this:  
high input -> stage 1 -> low input -> preamp volume -> stage 2 -> stage 3 -> cathode follower -> marshall tone stack -> mv -> typical 100W marshall ltp and power amp.  
stage 1 is 100k / 2k7+0.68uF  
stage 2 is 100k / 10k no cathode bypass cap  
stage 3 is 100k / 820R no cathode bypass cap  
the low input goes straight into a 1M pot, pretty strange! totally robs the high end unless you have it up full.

Dai Hirokawa from your description, it doesn't s... -- 2/25/2004 8:48 PM