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Re: Ampeg V4 w/6550s hums like crazy

1/23/2004 5:14 AM
Mike @ Vintage Amplifier Service
Re: Ampeg V4 w/6550s hums like crazy
You are not off the topic at all. Clip and  
tack repairs started with the first radio  
repair man. And now, anybody with a hot  
iron and a box full of parts can install  
the latest super groovy hot rockin' mod  
without any circuit knowlege or thought of  
how it will affect the rest of the amp.  
Then they cry when it squeals and hums.  
Cause: Poor workmanship. DIY amp builders-  
Check the quality of your work- Soldering,  
lead dress, etc. It's very hard to trouble  
shoot a sloppy mess of wires and parts.  
Soldering is an art, not a science.