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Deluxe Reverb clone

12/22/2003 2:02 AM
Deluxe Reverb clone
I'm working on building a Deluxe Reverb clone as my Christmas project.  
Ill be building this from parts I have been accumulating over the years.  
The cabinet is an original BFDR cab, complete with reverb pan. The baffel board appears to be un-original. The chassis is a mojo chassis, so I will be building up the chassis.  
My question is, should I build this completly as a BFDR, or should I put some larger trannies in it and make it a 30 watt (approximate) 6L6 based amp, in cathode biased mode.  
I really like both style amps, and I have the parts to do either.  
I'll toss it up to the group to help me decide.  

Chris ( CMW amps ) Hi ScoopsA stock DR OT will... -- 12/24/2003 10:03 PM