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Supro Combo ID, please?

11/19/2003 6:52 PM
TheElectricMoronSupro Combo ID, please?
The one on my bench has the preamp mounted in the top of the cab. Inputs and controls on top like a tweed Bassman. It has four input jacks, two channels it looks like, three 12AX7's. The power amp sits in the bottom of the cab and has the two 6L6's, the filter cap can and the two trannies. The power tubes are cathode biased. It has a 15" Jensen with the gold and brown label. All the codes make it a 1966 something. The pot labels are all gone from the faceplate and I haven't really looked at the guts so I don't know if it has a trem in there or not.  
The cab is covered with sort of grey and white tolex, darker grill and black Supro logo.  
And it doesn't work cuz the PT is smoked.  
I find nothing on the net in the schematics sites that look like this at all.  
So is this a ..... ?? And does a schematic exist?  

TheElectricMoron OK - it's kind of like a 1688TN -- 11/20/2003 3:40 AM