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previous: Mr. Droopy-Drawers Remove Paint From Vinyl? -- 7/17/2003 11:26 PM view thread

Citrus cleaners will work

7/24/2003 9:55 PM
TheElectricMoronCitrus cleaners will work
the concentrated Big Orange or Simple Green will lift paint bigtime - cleaner not stripper. Cheapo spray paint comes up fast. And the stuff will not hurt the vinyl tho the concentrated cleaner can take some rinsing. Find a spot where the paint looks heaviest and slop it on there and give it a few min to couple hrs depending on the paint and how old it is.  
I have only used BigOrange and it works fine.  

Mr. Droopy-Drawers Thank you! I have tried a few patch... -- 7/24/2003 11:27 PM