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Re: AA864 vs AB165 Bassman

3/21/2004 3:15 AM
TheElectricMoronRe: AA864 vs AB165 Bassman
That would have been a Bassman50 and not a UL OT. The Bassman70 was the UL model and as I recall nothing like an AB165, but I could be wrong on that part. The UL's differed a great deal in the overall power supply, but the preamp may have been similar. The UL BassmanTens were quite different in the preamp as well. I have no idea what you may have done with those resistors but it does not sound quite like a UL disconnect.  
Help me out here somebody, I'm confused.  

Matt I think those 220k resistors are a ... -- 3/22/2004 1:03 PM