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Fun and Games with a Fender 75

3/18/2004 7:33 PM
Fun and Games with a Fender 75
I have posted about this a couple other places too so ...... I picked this baby up last weekend. I have sorta been looking for one because it seemed like they might have a lot of potential. OK, it was cheap, but it also has some things (effects loop, line out, reverb, channel switching, those things) I wanted to screw around with so I bought it.  
I went back and read all the threads at various bbs's about the 75's. Pretty much love/hate and not much in between. The schemo is a PIA for sure. But chopping at it a piece at a time maybe I'll be OK. That chassis is crammed full, but there is a lota stuff I'm gonna pull and re-arrange just to free up some space before I start messing with it. Just guessing I'll bet I can snip out 8-10 feet of wire by the time I get it cleaned up. Man, I have never seen such loopy lead dress before.  
All the usual BFing for sure. That Lead circuit must have some secret mod that will make it wonderful. Anybody know that would care to share? Well, if any of you have some hot mods that you can suggest, I'd be crazy to hear them. Particularly about the lead channel. ;)  
Just for starters, it seems to me that the "Master Vol" could be eliminated where it is prior to the "Lead Master" by moving one wire (would it still need that 100Kohm load to ground at that point?), and the spot on the face panel used for a gang-pot post-(BF)PI MV.