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Re: How important is the Tone Stack?

1/27/2004 3:19 AM
RskiRe: How important is the Tone Stack?
The tone stack configeration on your Traynor,  
sounds like a mod I ocassionally do on  
Marshall tone stacks. Essentallly, when  
the treble control associated capacitance  
value is high (.005 mf),when turning up  
the Treble the gain increases and the other  
controls are swamped out. On a typical  
Marshall tone stack the associated treble  
capacitor is 470 Pf in contrast to 5000Pf.  
The lower value will attenuate the upper  
sparkle of the guitar's timber and the  
drive will not be affected.  
Typical tone stacks don't work on any DC  
voltage, if DC is present, adjusting the  
tone controls would be noisy.