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Mesa Dual Rec Gain Mod

7/18/2003 7:20 PM
BKMesa Dual Rec Gain Mod
Hope this hasn't been beaten to death, but I searched the archive and found nothing (suprisingly) on this.  
I have an original 2 channel dual rect that I want to dial out the fizz. My first thoughts were to cut the V3a plate resistor from 220k to 100k and the dropping the V3a cathode resistor from 1.8k to 1k (or 820).  
I thought of lower the V1a values too, but that whopper 2M2 pad before the orange gain pot would kill the clean. (I might change the to 470k).  
Anybody have interesting results with this before I heat the soldering iron?  

Evan of Vancouver Perhaps try a 820 (or 470) pF- xxx ... -- 7/19/2003 3:05 AM