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Just one for me

7/16/2003 9:28 PM
TheElectricMoronJust one for me
in a herd of eleven Fenders and two Gibsons.  
A YGL3MIII that doesn't get used much cuz the baby is a monster! Prior owner put Fender Utahs in it, and I recapped it. Yanked the fixed speaker wiring and did the Fender kinda thing. Stuffed in a set of JJ E34L's and man that thing has some balls. Been considering doing some of the mods I've seen on the net, but it gets used so little...... I sure wish Fenders had cabs like these guys. Man, easy to work on in the cab, easy to yank the chassis. Have to make a new grill frame one of these days but otherwise pretty clean. Works great for the Rhodes - no preamp req'd! lol  
The only amp I have that brought the cops to the door in the daylight ;)