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Re: added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem?

7/31/2003 5:06 PM
Gary Gustin
Re: added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem?
uhhhhhh...........huh huh huh uhhhhhhhh.......huh huh huh (Beavis and Butthead style) Like, whats a good electronics/ amp book to buy, or something?  
I'm totally a rookie when it comes to this stuff. Is a Kevin O'conner tut a good book for a beginner?  
I pretty closely followed the Angela Instruments directions from their website, and they even give the impression that a Hammond 125e will work - they recommended the 125E in the single 6V6 project  
and inform that it can be used in the super 6V6 amp as well( the parallel 6V6's). Their test readings for the super 6V6 with a 125ESE was:  
plate to cathode= 339VDC  
screen to cathode= 348VDC  
Their screen measurement is higher as well. ????  
Also, is a Hammond 272DX a good choice for a tweed deluxe? Might try making one of those.  
Thanks everybody for helping me out.  

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