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previous: Bruce /Mission Amps Re: kind of fixed problem, but still has a "hot" smell -- 7/19/2003 5:51 PM view thread

thanks Bruce for response

7/21/2003 6:50 PM
Gary Gustin
thanks Bruce for response
Actually I do have a choke hooked up. Its a 2H 200ma stancor, but the Angela schematic says to use a 5H 125ma. I put a 319 ohm 10W wirewound in and it seemed to help. I got it to about 13.5W. I took it to band practice, and played on it for about an hour, and it still seems to work(no smoke or flames).  
But,Just as Bruce said, the bass response sucks, although it has an interesting dimed out lead sound from the burdoned tranny. Guess I will put it back to the normal 5F2, and then build something else. I was trying to get some more volume for a small portable practice rig, but I'm not sure I like the overall sound I'm getting with this circuit mod. I guess it was a learning experience anyhowz.

neatpete part of the problem is that your sc... -- 7/27/2003 10:49 AM