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kind of fixed problem, but still has a "hot" smell

7/19/2003 6:09 AM
Gary Gustin
kind of fixed problem, but still has a "hot" smell
I went and put a 10uF/150V cap parallel with the 240 ohm 6V6 cathode resistor, and put 25uF/50V caps parallel with both cathode resistors of the 12AX7, and changed the primary impedance of the transformer to make 3150K ohms for an 8 ohm load, and also reversed the two wires going to the the speaker jack just to see what would happen. Now I'm getting a nice cranked amp tone that is considerably louder than before. But I'm still getting a " too hot" smell from the amp. I don't see any smoke or anything like that. My measurements are now different:  
1. plate to ground= 357 V  
2. plate to cathode= 335 V  
3. screen to cathode= 349 V  
4. cathode to ground= 22.8 V  
so... 22.8/240= .095  
.095x 335= 31.825 /2= 15.91 Watts  
This seems kind of high? Would this cause the hot smell? The trannys and the choke don't seem to be getting hot to the touch, although the tubes seem pretty dang hot, but the don't look like they are orange plating( at least I don't think so...) ?

Bruce /Mission Amps Re: kind of fixed problem, but still has a "hot" smell -- 7/19/2003 5:51 PM