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added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem?

7/19/2003 2:05 AM
Gary Gustin
added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem?
I just finished adding another 5Y3 and 6V6 parallel  
to the others. I followed the Angela super 6V6 instructions fairly closely, but am using a hammond 272DX (300-0-300 125ma, I believe)and a hammond 125E  
OT. Before I did the mod, the amp sounded pretty good and full, with a nice break-up. But now the amp seems barely, if at all, louder, less low end, and less breakup...its kinda wimpy sounding now. Also after 5 or so minutes of use, I am getting a "hot" smell coming from the amp.  
My measurements are with 1 12ax7, 2 jan Philips 5Y3WGTA,some nos 6V6 tube from France or Italy?-(marzzonisomethingoranother-can't remember the name), and another 6V6 -Electro-harmonix  
1.plate to ground= 350VDC  
2.plate to cathode= 328VDC ( I installed a 240 ohm 5W cathode resistor)  
3. screen to cathode= 342VDC  
4. cathode to ground= 22.3VDC  
Nothing too out of the ordinary, is it?  

Gary Gustin kind of fixed problem, but still has a "hot" smell -- 7/19/2003 6:09 AM
Gary Gustin Re: added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem? -- 7/31/2003 5:06 PM