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Enzo is a KoolDood!!

4/1/2004 1:04 AM
TheElectricMoronEnzo is a KoolDood!!
Just to let y'all know that Enzo went thru some deep poop to get a schematic to me that I asked for on the R&M page and I really appreciate it.  
Ampage is a great spot for the challenged and that is why I keep coming back here with my not so challenging questions ;)  
Many thanks again to Enzo and all y'all for the help you've been for me for quite a while now.  
PS I have a q up on the mods page about the Fender 75 lead channel. That thing is a total mystery to me.

jeremy i second this praise for enzo!!!! t... -- 4/1/2004 4:35 AM